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A Guide to Host a Spa Party at Home for Children

Mar, 22 2019

A Guide to Host a Spa Party at Home for Children

Wouldn’t you like a spa day treat, to relax, rejuvenate and feel fresh? Women love checking-in at the spas weekly for some luxurious pampering. Spa treats pamper us and make us beautiful. And the youngest ones are not the exception. What if you organize your child a spa treats just for her and her friends?

Spa parties are very fashionable nowadays, so much so that there are even event organizers and corporate event planning services that offer you all the complete Spa service, with souvenirs and everything. Surely if you search for the words "spa for girls" on Facebook or Google, you will find thousands of people who organize “Spa day for girls” as a birthday theme. But the idea is to be as creative as possible and organize a beautiful spa day for our cute princesses. Get on with first things-FIRST!


Get A Spa Theme Deco


Deco is the most indispensable part of a party. There's nothing like getting to a party and seeing how everything is set according to the theme chosen. Here are some ideas to decorate your home for this special occasion.


Personalize Sassy Invites


Next, some personalized designs! If you're not good at these things, a printer can do it for you! Just collect the data, go to the store and get the print outs handy. You can also look for printable version downloads online.


How to Make the Spa For Girls?


Don’t have any idea how to organize the party? Do not worry, here we are going to give you a kind of itinerary so that you can organize everything in the best way.


•    The idea is to start the spa with some facial cleansing or application of creams.

•     If you can get some mats to lie on the floor, it would be ideal, if not, some blankets and cushions.

•    You will also need some cloth headbands, to remove hair from their faces.

•    You can get some robes for the girls to wear.

•    The idea would be to anoint some mask, and the best thing is that it is homemade, that way you will not spend on creams.

•    If you search in Google, you will surely find many with some great ideas.

•    You can supplement with some slices of cucumber for the eyes.

•    After a few minutes of relaxation, let the mask act.

•    After that, it’s time for the manicure and pedicure to beautify hands and feet.

•    You can get a basin so they can soak their feet before painting their nails.

•    You can give them a magazine to look at in the meantime.

•    Now yes, it is time to paint the nails of hands and feet.

•    Now you can provide them with makeup and a mirror, and tell them how to paint themselves.

•    They will love learning how to use makeup in the right way!


Activity List: You Can See Various Tutorials


  • DIY fruit flavored lip glosses.
  • DIY bath bombs.
  • DIY sweet-fragrant skin lotions.
  • DIY coconut oil massage creams.
  • DIY sugar massage scrubs.
  • DIY bath sugar melts.
  • DIY massage oils.
  • Decorating flip flops!


You Can Help Them a Little!


Once they are already made up, you can give them some accessories to use, such as shoes, feathers, buckles, whatever you can think of!


It's Time to Rise!


The idea is that they feel divine, because, as the closing of the party, a fashion show takes place.


Costumes for The Final Parade!


You can do a DIY fashion parade costume to whip up in a flash. The idea is to know the selection and preferences of our little fashionistas in advance.


And, now it’s time to relax, literally!



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