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Kid’s Birthday Party-Planning Checklist

Aug, 29 2019

Kid’s Birthday Party-Planning Checklist


Are you a parent who is in desperate need of a party planner for their child’s birthday? Whether you start 6 months before the big day, or just throw it all together in 2 weeks, these weekly list and tips can help you host a successful birthday party for your kid.

Tips for Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party

  1. Don’t Rush

Do yourself a favor, and offer yourself enough time to plan your child’s birthday without going crazy, but do not take so much time that Kiddo outgrows the obsession.

  1. Plan With Your Kid

Having your kids’ input for his own birthday party goes a long way toward overall party satisfaction.

  1. Start With The Party Location

Starting with the venue will help you decide the date and also help determine how many kids you can invite while estimating the overall cost of your party.

  1. VIP Guests

Your kid will be crushed if her/his BFF is not there to celebrate the birthday. Check and make a list of all the must-have attendees according to their availability.

Birthday Party Checklist

5-6 Weeks Before

  • Create a party budget
  • Choose a theme for the party with your child
  • Make the guest list
  • Reserve the party venue (check out some venue ideas)

4 Weeks Before

  • Ask your child for a class list (only if you plan to invite his/her classmates)
  • Prepare and send invitations
  • Order the cake according to the theme
  • Order a theme related piñata
  • Plan the menu (check out some ideas regarding kid-pleasing menus)
  • Determine all the party games & activities to match your party theme
  • Book a Birthday party organizer
  • After you’ve selected the menu, book the caterer
  • Book the entertainer and tell them to dress according to the them


3 Weeks Before

  • Buy all the party supplies according to the theme:
    • Balloons
    • Party hats
    • Tablecloths
    • Napkins
    • Cups
    • Plates & cutlery
    • Goodie bags
  • Order piñata stuffers and/or party favors
  • Ask friends and family if they’ll be available to lend an extra hand for the help

2 Weeks Before

  • Arrange your regular party supplies:
    • Water dispensers
    • Platters
    • Bowls
    • Spoons, forks, knives, etc.
    • Ice cream scoops
    • Extra tables & chairs
  • If you just started - Rent, borrow or buy party supplies from someone you know
  • Call families and parents who have not yet replied to your invitation with their confirmation
  • Confirm reservations:
    • Birthday party organizer
    • Caterer
    • Venue
    • Entertainer
    • Childcare Team

3 Days Before

  • Go shopping for grocery
  • Buy batteries for camera
  • Assemble party favors
  • Check your video camera
  • Call birthday party organizers
  • Check on birthday supplies
  • Pick up the customized piñata
  • Call the party venue to confirm the details
  • Call entertainers to confirm their appearance and expectations

1-2 Days Before

  • Bake the cake, or pick it up
  • Decorate and clean the house (if you are hosting the party at your place)
  • Makeup goody bags
  • Stuff the piñata
  • Wrap the birthday gift

On the day

  • Finish last-minute cooking
  • Do a last-minute clean
  • Set up the tables
  • Finish decorating
  • Make a list of the gifts



Hopefully this  planning checklist by Tea cups and tiarassa will help you create a fun filled Birthday party for your kid.



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