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Easy Budget Friendly DIY Carnival Themed Birthday Party

Aug, 29 2019

Easy Budget Friendly DIY Carnival Themed Birthday Party

Birthday celebrations are the highlight of any kid – and it is actually up to the parents to make the event as special as possible. One of the best way to surprise your kid and make their birthday memorable is to host a carnival themed birthday party for your kid. For real, who doesn’t love a carnival themed birthday party? In fact, there’s nothing better than a fun carnival themed birthday party.

Carnivals burst with bright colors, delicious food, and fun games. It will surely make the perfect birthday theme, especially if you’re going to have an outdoor party for your kid! The key to keeping a budget-friendly carnival themed birthday is to use the things you already have at your home.

Take a good walk around your house, you will surely find things that you can utilize in your carnival themed birthday party! Even if you don’t, don’t worry, here are some pocket-friendly DIY ideas that you can incorporate to make your child’s birthday party look amazing.

DIY Carnival Game Ideas:

  1. Game: Basketball Throw – if you have a spare basketball goal at your house, use it for this game!
  2. Game: Pie in the Face – All you need for this are some spare or used pie tins, whipped cream & some willing volunteers!
  3. Game: Wet Sponge Toss – It’s almost similar to Pie in the face. For this, all you need is a wet sponge!
  4. Game: Fortune Teller – Ask for a favor from a friend or family member and tell them to dress up like a fortune teller. All you’ll be needing for this is a scarf and lots of jewelry.
  5. Game: Popping the Balloons – All you need for this is to stick balloons on a cardboard sheet and a handful of darts to pop the balloons.

DIY Carnival Themed Goody Bags:

To make a nice, pocket-friendly, and carnival worthy goody bag all you need is:

  • Carnival stickers
  • Colorful balloons
  • Colorful candies
  • Clown's nose
  • Homemade cookies

Personalize your party goody bags with a bag tag that you can easily make it at home and attach to the gift bag for your little guests.

Carnival Themed Birthday Cake:

Getting the cake baked by a professional baker can cost you a lot, therefore if you have a decent baking skill we’ll advise you to bake a cake for your kid and decorate it with red and blue frosting. If you are not such a good baker, you can easily buy some plain cupcakes and pipe red and blue frostings on them to make them match the carnival theme.

Carnival Themed Food:

No carnival themed birthday party is complete without a concession stand. Carnival themed birthday party food includes simple, easy, and cheap foods that can be eaten quickly or carried along as the kids play the games. Here are some ideas of carnival themed food that you can include at your party:

  • Boxes of popped popcorn
  • Fruit kabobs
  • Cotton candy
  • Ice filled coolers of juice boxes and water bottles
  • Veggie and fruit trays
  • Sandwiches

Carnival Invitations:

You can design your invitation card online and send them to all your guests. There are several online websites that let you make invitation cards. Use them and add your creativity to them.

That’s it! Following these tips will ensure that your kid gets a fun-filled and budget-friendly party that your child and his friends will remember forever!

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