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Why Your Child Needs Strong Adult Role Models

Mar, 09 2018

Why Your Child Needs Strong Adult Role Models

Title: Why Your Child Needs Strong Adult Role Models

Daddy Daughter events are becoming increasingly popular as society works together to keep fathers involved in their children’s lives. There is plenty of science to show that little girls with strong male role models have better, healthier relationships as adults if they had positive male role models active in their lives. But let’s be real. There are some people who are not up to the task of being a parent or a role model and while they do have children in the world, they are very much still children themselves and are happy to avoid the responsibility their actions demand. That’s just the truth of the matter.

So, do their children get left out of Daddy Daughter activities?

They absolutely SHOULD NOT. While a genetic father may not be present in the home, an uncle, a family friend, a pastor or youth group leader, and many other present males may step into that role and make a positive impact in a child’s life. We live in a world that has plenty of single parents, whether one or both of the parents are active in the child’s life is irrelevant to the fact that children need adult attention, supervision, and positive reinforcement. If Grandpa is available to step into daddy’s role then go for it! If Aunt steps in to take on the motherly duties because the mother isn’t around, that’s wonderful! Don’t allow labels to rob your child of the healthy relationships they need and deserve.

Be Smart About Who Your Child is Around

There are many community programs available that promote healthy relationships for your kids if you are not available to take on this task. (And don’t beat yourself up if you can’t- people have bills to pay. We get it!) After-school programs have many options for getting kids involved in sports and music. Both sports and music are shown to help kids excel academically, teach them discipline and helps them develop a stronger work ethic. Building positive relationships with their coaches and teachers is a great way for your children to learn by example.

“It Takes a Village”

I used to hear this expression before I had children and I thought it was so strange. Why would I need anyone’s help in raising my own children? Yeah, well then I had my own kids and found out what it really meant. Lol! Even when you have two fully participating parents in the household, raising kids is hard work – some of the hardest and most rewarding work we can ever hope to tackle in our lifetime. No one has all of the right answers because every child and family dynamic is unique.

At Teacups & Tiaras we strive to build events and throw parties that promote wholesome family fun and make lasting, special memories for your children. We are striving to host events throughout the year that can fit any budget. While some events will be more expensive than others, we try to offer enough variety that anyone can participate in at least a few of our events. We love working with the families of San Antonio and look forward to bringing you more opportunities to make lasting family memories and bonds. For more information about our upcoming events please click here to see our Eventbrite page.

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