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Why It's Worth Buying a VIP Ticket

Jun, 03 2018

Why It's Worth Buying a VIP Ticket

Title: Why It’s Worth Buying a VIP Ticket


As a parent you already know that kids are expensive. It’s crazy when you have your first born how quickly the expenses add up: clothing, toys, food, accessories and gear, daycare, field trips… I could go on. With so many expenses adding up it can be difficult to know what is worth the money and what is not. Our customers already know that we like to hold events every few months and we usually offer a VIP and a general admission ticket. On average our VIP tickets run $15-$20 more than our general admission prices. We get a lot of questions about this. The most commonly asked questions are: Why should I pay more for a VIP ticket? How do I know I’m getting my money’s worth when I purchase the VIP tickets? What sets the VIP ticket apart from general admission? These are all fair questions that you should absolutely be asking! Keep reading to get the answers to these questions and more!

Business Matters

First things first; we are a business and there are variables that must be given proper attention when planning an event. These variables include venues, staffing, whether or not we are providing food, safety needs, hygiene needs, and more. These variables ultimately dictate how much we charge for the general admission tickets.

What to Expect from a VIP Ticket

Well, VIP tickets are a special offering that promises to give you a greater experience and bang for your buck. Whether you are attending an event with our company or with someone else’s, there are a few things you should expect from a VIP ticket. Those things are quality, quantity and keepsakes. In the case of our company, our VIP tickets offer you a greater experience. This means more time with your favorite characters, to include a more intimate meet and greet for your child. It usually includes a personal photo with your favorite characters that you take home the day of the event, instead of having to search for it on some website later. It also usually includes more time at the event and more opportunities to play. At our recent Princess, Mommy and Me Afternoon Tea our VIP ticket holders not only received a personal portrait, but they also received a beautiful red rose hair accessory to take home.

Mermaids in the Making

Our upcoming event is the Mermaid Adventures Swim Fun at Aqua Tots Northwest. Two sessions will be held: June 30th and July 28th. This event is a pool party with Ariel and her mermaid friends. For this event we are actually doing things a little different. Instead of offering a VIP and general admission ticket, we are actually offering two completely different events in the same day.

The Mermaid Tail session is exactly what it sounds like. We are offering a private mermaid swimming lesson, complete with mermaid tails. We will provide the tails (the rental fee is calculated into the ticket price already) and your little one will get an exclusive swim lesson with other mermaids! Special portraits of your little mermaid with Ariel will also be taken and printed for you to take home. It will be an afternoon of fun that your little one will never forget!

The Mermaid Fun session promises a great time all its own! This is an open swim pool party with your favorite Mer-people to include Aqua-Man! Drinks and snacks are included in the ticket price. Parents swim for free with their child.

We Make It Worth It

There are a lot of events that do not deliver on the anticipated fun and magic, but that’s not the case with us. Teacups and Tiaras strives to make all of our events special and we go the extra mile to make our VIP experiences something of fairytales. We hope that you join us for our Mermaid Adventure Swim Fun events held in June and July! For more information on these events, see our Eventbrite page here!  

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