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Tips to Plan a Frugal Wedding

Dec, 11 2019

Tips to Plan a Frugal Wedding

Host your special day without burning a hole in your pocket.

Currently, the average cost of a wedding has made it one of the most expensive life events. In fact, today, what it takes to plan a wedding is more than the cost of most births (without insurance), most funerals, home down payments, and first cars. For many students who complete their education on scholarship, even four years of degree can cost less than a one-day wedding. Yes!!

If you are frugal, and can’t wrap your brain around a $20,000 wedding, don’t worry. You can still have a unique, fun, and memorable wedding day, ON A BUDGET! And here are 15 ways to nail that.

Wedding Planning

Wedding is the biggest event of one’s life, and choosing to do things wisely on this day will serve you for a lifetime.

Wedding venue

Two things you must decide on before choosing a wedding venue are; whether or not to get married and the date to tie the knot. The wedding venue is a costly game, but you can save a lot but marry in the off-season or by finding a place in the countryside or even at home.

Food and drinks

If you are looking to do cost-effective wedding planning, the best bit in this department is to do catering yourself or hire a family-owned caterer. Another option is to consider serving heavy appetizers instead of a full-blown meal. Find a venue that allows you to bring your own drinks as the bar is the most expensive tab of refreshments.

Wedding photography and videography

Photography can become very costly bait. Consider ways to stay aesthetic but on a budget. Hire someone who’s new to this, or shoots weddings as a side gig. Or even call your college friend who was good at taking pictures.

Wedding Attires

Dreaming to look pretty on your big day doesn’t really have to burn a hole in your pocket!

Wedding dress

One advise; do loads of research, try to save, and ma’am, please stick to the budget. You will still look very pretty in a frugal white gown that won’t cost you a low-quality honeymoon.


Sir, we understand that menswear is not nearly as expensive as the bride’s dress, but still, you have to be mindful and consider alternatives to tuxedos.

Wedding jewelry

Jewelry is a significant part of the wedding planning cost. The best way to stay in your jewelry budget is to avoid high-end stores. Maybe consider old family jewelry and other decent options.

Wedding décor

It’s easy to go overboard in this department, but luckily there are many tricks to save.

Wedding flowers

Frugal people can easily cut down on their flower bill and still have beautiful arrangements. Play smart with the types of flowers you choose and brainstorm many ways you can repurpose them throughout the wedding day.

Ceremony decorations

Less is more – this should be your anthem for the entire ceremony decorations part. Keep in mind that the right setting (suiting to your venue) is all you need.

Other itsy bitsy costs

This doesn’t end here; there are other teeny tiny expenditures too that often turn into hefty ones.

Wedding invitation

You can save tons of money by choosing to go electronic or providing your own cardstock to the printer for wedding cards.

Wedding favors

Keeping this sweet tradition alive shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Consider DIY-ing your wedding favors by doing as simple as making mix tapes (old school rocks!) or bagging up some candy.

Final word

We hope these tips will be very helpful for you in cost effective wedding planning. One thing to remember is that the amount you spend on your special day is not a direct correlation to how beautiful it will be. You can still have a wonderful, memorable day for far less than $20,000.

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