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Throwing Your Own Tea Party on a Budget

Feb, 13 2018

Throwing Your Own Tea Party on a Budget

Throwing Your Own Tea Party for Two on a Budget


Teacups and Tiaras loves throwing tea parties! It’s what we do! But, we also realize that some of our biggest fans can’t afford to throw extravagant tea parties with us all of the time. Sometimes you just want to have a small tea party with your little girl without a lot of fanfare. We get it and we want you to enjoy these special moments with or without us. So, with your little hostess in mind, we have put together a few pointers for you so that you can have a lovely spot of tea with your favorite gal anytime.

  1. Teacups

You do not have to have an elaborate tea set to enjoy tea time with your little one. In fact, you have a few affordable options that you can make work for any budget. First, if you prefer to use real china be sure to check out your nearby thrift stores. Places like Goodwill get old china donated to them all of the time. You can make a major score and start up a very cost-effective collection. Who cares if it matches?! An eclectic collection is something to show off!

If you would prefer to stay clear of real glass there is another fun option to consider: disposable teacups. You can find hard plastic white teacups at Party City. They are meant to be one time use but they are so well made that you could get away with hand washing them and reusing them. You can buy a box of 6 for around $10. Also, check out Amazon. They have Alice in Wonderland themed disposable teacups, and much more to choose from. You’ll love them!


Okay, true story: when I was little I was obsessed with having tea parties with my favorite stuffed animals. We lived on a tight budget but my mom always made sure I had “crumpets” for my tea parties. Literally, my crumpets were Honey Comb cereal. I didn’t know the difference and I loved the sweet crunchy treats. I’m not endorsing Honey Comb, but I am saying that it is okay to get creative with your tea snacks. I’m sure you can come up with a fun snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth and add some extra flair to your party for two.

       3.Linens and Table Dressings

Even as a kid, I loved fancy table dressings. My mother always had elaborate linens for our holiday parties and I wanted nothing less for my tea times. Recognizing the little perfectionist she was creating, my mom set aside some old table cloths and doilies that she let me use exclusively for our teas. Looking back on them now I know they were hand-me-down crotchets from her grandmother that were worn with age, but I thought they were beautiful on my little table. My mom also held onto an old vase that had a plastic red rose in it from an old giftset. She would let me place that on the table as well so that we had “fresh flowers” with every tea. How cute is that?! This was especially handy in the winter months when the flowers in our garden weren’t available. When the flowers were blooming she would usually cut me a few and let me place those on the table.

Always Have Fun

My childhood tea parties are some of my happiest memories and they didn’t come with a lot of work of planning. I was my own party planner and my mother simply facilitated my ambitions. I realize now how simple and brilliant her little hacks were and I will cherish them forever. Hopefully you can use these tips as well when you plan your next tea time with your little girl.

If you would like to plan a more elaborate large-scale tea party, Teacups and Tiaras proudly offers full-themed tea parties, and lucky for you we’ll even bring the (real) crumpets! Learn more at https://www.teacupsandtiarassa.com/themes-and-packages.

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