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Throw Your Son A Party!

Sep, 24 2018

Throw Your Son A Party!

Throw Your Son the Birthday Party He Truly Deserves

For whatever reason many parents tend to throw bigger birthday parties for their little girls than they do for their boys. Why is that? Well, one theory is that little girls enjoy the grand production of the elaborate parties more. Other people think that this has more to do with how elaborate the female-centric characters tend to be as compared to their male counterparts. Whatever the reason, many little boys do not get the huge bash that their sisters reap, and it just doesn’t seem fair. Here’s some ideas for throwing an awesome party for your little boy that they will never forget!

Theme Ideas

If your child has one specific character that they adore, then your job is pretty easy. You can decorate around that one character- whether it is a party all about Spiderman, Darth Vader, or Paw Patrol- you’ve got this! But what if your child likes lots of characters and isn’t particularly attached to one of them? Now what? Well, you have a few options at that point! You can still pick a theme but keep things broader. For example, instead of a Spiderman party, you could just have a Superhero party. Your cake can feature all of hid favorite characters or just show off the Marvel logo. If your kiddo is a big Star Wars fan, why not ask the attending guests to dress up like their favorite SW character! Your local bakery can get you a cake print of the Millennium Falcon or the Death Star and you can offer snacks with an outer space theme!

New Characters

Be sure to check with your party company, whether you are in San Antonio or elsewhere, to see if they have released any new characters. That may also help you narrow down the theme of your party if you kid tends to follow the trendy cues of his friends. Teacups and Tiaras is proud to say that we are now offering the Black Panther! Book the King and transport your guests to Wakanda through decorations, fun safari music, and earthy colors. Just have fun and let your son give you input on what he likes.

Have Fun

The biggest thing to remember is to have fun! Your son wants and needs to express himself just as your daughter does. Giving him this opportunity to have a party and stand out amongst his friends, will not be one soon forgotten. Contact us today to book your boy’s next birthday party!

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