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Thanking Dad for All He Does

Jun, 14 2019

Thanking Dad for All He Does

Every little girls first Prince Charming is her daddy. Her dad is the one that teaches her that she is in fact a princess. He showers her with love and hugs and kisses. He takes her for ice cream dates. He rocks her to sleep on his chest and lets her know that he will never let anything, or anyone harm her. He is her bodyguard. He is her biggest fan, in the front row of every evening talent showcase in the middle of the living room.

A Deeper Love

Parenthood is a special phenomenon. Being a father gives a man an opportunity to place his dreams and ambitions into a being of his own creation, to help make both their lives better. Being a father shows men a new, better way to love, on a deeper level. The love between a father and their child can never be broken, no matter the years.

Stepping Up

Unfortunately, there are many children that grow up without ever having a relationship with their biological father. But that’s okay. That’s why stepdads, foster dads and adopted dads are so crucial to kids. These men step up when others have fallen short. How awesome is that?! 

Happy Father’s Day

This Father’s Day we want to say thank you to all the dads out there! Whether you are the biological father, or the guy that stepped up where someone had fallen short, or the guy that has partnered with another to raise exceptional kids, we thank you for filling the world with unconditional love.   

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