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School Rules

Aug, 16 2018

School Rules

What You Need to Know About Scheduling School Parties

It’s Back to School time and we know that you parents are just as excited as your kids… if not more! In the spirit on freshly sharpened pencils and new backpacks, we thought this was a good time to review some common No-No’s that we encounter every school year.

Class Is In Session

Without fail every year we get booked for dozens of school parties. The parents insist that they have received permission for the character to come to the school, the arrangements are made, and then the day before the party the parent is trying to cancel or reschedule because the school has said No to the character appearance.

Why does this happen? Unfortunately, we live in a world where we have to be extra cautious when it comes to security in schools and that means limiting who is allowed to come to the school when class is in session.

No Singling Out

Another reason schools do not like character visits is due to the attention is brings to the one birthday child. The truth is that schools would prefer not to have one child receiving an abundance of attention because it can impact the other children in a negative manner. While visits are meant to be fun and enjoyable for everyone, it can backfire when other children are not given the same experience on their birthday.

What You Can Do

Before booking your party, ensure you have permission from your child’s teacher AND principal. Some schools will allow character visits but they want the name of the actor and a copy of a photo ID in advance. We will always do our best to accommodate your needs but please understand that planning ahead will make entire process and appearance go much smoother!

On that note – Happy First Day of School from Teacups & Tiaras!

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