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New Wedding and Special Day Planning Services Available

Apr, 06 2018

New Wedding and Special Day Planning Services Available

Event planning and hosting is at the heart of Teacups and Tiaras. When this company started half a
decade ago the vision was simply to bring happiness to children and show them that dreams really can
come true. Over time, as multiple full-themed parties have come together flawlessly, many clients have
suggested that the company expand into other event services. The idea was tossed around for a while
but ultimately dismissed due to keeping the focus on children, and also, simply put, personal needs that
took up a lot of time.

Change is Good

Last year brought some big changes to our organization. We said goodbye to some of our original actors,
we welcomed new talent, we started the process of rebranding the company which included a new
website and a social media manager, and we took some small steps forward on offering new services.
This year, however, those new services are coming together and going live on our website.

Wedding Wishes

Our newest services include wedding planning, engagement parties, bridal showers and baby showers.
We will help you pick out your theme, handle the decorations, assist with menu preparations and
coordinate with caterers on your behalf. Our major focus is on the design element of your event,
handling all of the decorating for your ceremony and/or reception. We are actively building relationships
with other vendors around San Antonio to aid us in easy planning and better pricing for you.

Ready to Book

We are ready to take the baton from you and start planning your event. Contact us here or call us
directly at (210) 862-5154 to start planning your special day now.

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