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New Year New Website

Jan, 17 2018

New Year New Website


Title: New Year New Website

Slug: New-website


It's officially 2018 and we are kicking the year off with a fresh new look! 

New Things to Check Out:

  • Our services & party packages
    • Did you know we are now offering wedding planning?! 
  • Our Policies Page
    • Get all of the Need to Know on how we work and what to expect when booking your event.
  • Blog
    • For the first time we have a running blog and monthly newsletter. You'll be the first to know about upcoming events and ticket sales, new characters, sales events, and much more! Subscribe today! 
    • Click Here to view our January 2018 newsletter

As always, thank you for choosing Teacups and Tiaras SA! We are excited for the year ahead and thrilled to have you along for the ride!