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Homework for Organizing a Birthday Party for Your Little Princess

Dec, 11 2019

Homework for Organizing a Birthday Party for Your Little Princess

When your little princess was just a baby or a toddler, birthdays were easy: You will simply throw a party for fellow parents. But as they graduate from toddler-hood, the tides turn and the birthday party organizers aka the parents have to plan a party and its requisite birthday activities that should focus squarely on the baby girl. However, this doesn’t mean it has to bore the living human out of parents. You sure have to make a few compromises, but intelligently doing them so won’t kill anyone’s buzz.

Here’s how to find that balance where the venue will inspire both your little princess and fellow parents.

Focus on your baby girl’s personality

You’re shooting for always pumped kids here, not dazzling your office’s senior management. Keep in mind what your princess love to do. If she’s fond of cooking and kitchen toys, consider kid's indoor birthday party where you have a ‘bake your cookie’ class. If she loves to work with her hands, choose a ceramics class or paint-and-sip venue. If she’s a rockstar, consider a karaoke venue that will welcome you to a private room during business hours. If she’s the sport one and love kicking balls, go for a soccer venue with an instructor.  

Be wise with the timeframe

A cranky kid can turn a party into a crappy party in no time. Before locking in your venue’s schedule, plot a mental map of your princess’s mood over the course of a day. There are some points only you would understand and manage, so plan a party in that particular hour of the day when your baby’s all happy and chill and then seek out for the venue that is available for that timeframe.

The theme, what theme?

Considering all the birthday party theme on social media in advance can help you narrow down your options for venues and other supplies and save you cash. Does the venue play a role in the theme you have in mind? Or you will have to contact your birthday party organizer for additional décor to make the theme stick? What are the most fun and yet inexpensive theme ideas? Will your princess encourage that huge (also scary) mannequin of Cinderella beside her cake station? – Some of the questions you need to ask yourself before further finalizing stuff.

Keep it quick and convenient

The easiest way to make fellow parents happy is to make the party quick and convenient. Just keep it to a maximum of 2 hours. Parents are busy and have limited time to spare, so be mindful of their convenience as well when choosing a specific venue. 

And of course, the venue should be close to home

A close location will make transporting decorations to and presents from the party much less stressful. It will also make a quick drive home to grab little [mandatory] forgotten items.  And of course, close to home!


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