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How to Throw a Little Girls’ Tea Party

Dec, 24 2019

How to Throw a Little Girls’ Tea Party

Tea parties hold a special place in the lives of little girls, whether they take place on their birthdays, on weekends or even in school. Little girls can invite their best friends, their parents, or even a little sibling. Throwing a tea party for your little girl's birthday will make her the happiest little princess for a day. Parents, especially mothers, partake this love of tea parties with their daughters, as they too enjoyed tea parties when they were little.

Let us note some steps with which you can arrange a little girl’s tea party without too much trouble.

Pick a Date and Send Invitations

Pick a date to hold the tea party for your little girl’s birthday in San Antonio. It does not necessarily have to be on the day she was born, for example, you can pick a weekend if it suits you better. Start sending out invitations to her closest friends.

Plan the Menu

Go for a simple assortment of sandwiches for the little girls’ tea party since their taste buds are less developed. Serve finger-sized peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cutting them with a cookie cutter to add a cute, whimsical touch. Add fruit salad, home-made cookies and mini cupcakes to the menu.

Set the Table

Set the tea table for your little girl’s tea party with a lovely table cloth and clusters of flowers at the center.

Party Games & Favors

No little girl’s tea party is complete without having some party games on the menu. The most attractive part of the whole party is the selection of little games to play. Girls spend hours on teapot art, a tea bag hunt, tea leaves Pictionary, word races, and name the tea, and will not get bored any time soon. Give out party favors to the guests at the end of the party like a princess’s tiara or a magic wand, depending on the theme of the tea party. They will treasure the gifts and keep them for a long time to come.

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