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How to Throw a Children's Tea Party

Aug, 07 2019

How to Throw a Children's Tea Party

Looking to throw a tea party for kids? Want to get them accustomed to tea? Looking for ideas to making it memorable? Here are a few tips for perfectly celebrating the occasion. Amaze your child by decorating for the event, think of a theme for the evening, and serve tea and snacks to little guests coming in.

Making a guest list

You must plan accordingly to the space you have. The number of guests depends on the budget and also on the level of patience you have. If you have enough patience you can surely invite the entire friends' circle of your child, but if that's not the case, you can ask your little one to help you out in reducing the number of invitees. One thing you can do is, take your child's age as the magic number. For instance, if your child is 8 years old, invite a maximum of eight guests.

Crafting the invitations

Children love colorful things. They are attracted to brighter and cuter colors. The invitations that you are going to send can also be a part of the theme that you have selected. Match your invitations with the theme color and shape. For example, if the theme of the party is snow white and the seven dwarfs, cut the invitation in the shape of a dwarf hat or use an antique font and language.

Selecting the Theme

The most important part is the selection of a theme according to which everything can be planned. From dresses to decorations, everything can be matched with the theme. A Victorian tea party is a suitable choice for older children, while a princess or fairy theme would deem fit for younger girls.

Setting up tables and chairs

This can be planned according to the age group of children who have been invited. For example, if the children are older and can easily sit on a dining room table, you are allowed to use that, but just be sure that there are enough chairs for guests coming over. If it is a big party you might need to get foldable chairs or join other tables and chairs in the house to create one big enough. If little kids are coming over, you can find tables and chairs which are suitable for their size. Doing this will make it more interesting for them and make the party more enjoyable.

Pay special attention to Decorations

The decorations look more appealing to the eye if they are in synchronization with the theme selected. For instance, a garden-themed party might require you to hang plants or place flowers in teapots scattered around the room. For Alice in Wonderland theme, you might consider hanging multiple clocks around the room.

Offer multiple Options for Dresses

Once you are done with selecting the theme, you can buy costume pieces such as tiaras, fancy gloves and hats, fairy wings, magic wands, and feather boas. These little pieces of decorations can liven up your party.

Look out for Party favors

Giving away the party favors is something about which you might be concerned. You don't need to worry because you can just wrap some chocolates or popcorns in a colorful bag, decorate it with stars and glitter, and finish it up by nicely tying with ribbons. You can also add stickers, teacups, or rings in the bag.

These are a few things to focus on while giving away a tea party for kids. You don't need to be extra creative. Just think out of the box, pay attention to these aspects and you'll be the best mom ever!


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