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How To Organize A Character Themed Birthday Party In San Antonio

Feb, 18 2020

How To Organize A Character Themed Birthday Party In San Antonio

Celebrating a girl's or a boy's birthday is always a fun time for both children and adults. Here are some ideas to celebrate a character-themed birthday party in San Antonio.

How to organize a themed birthday party?

First, there are several questions that you must answer:

1. Who to Invite to the Birthday

It is best to ask the child to invite since it is their party. On the list, you will have school friends and playmates, although you must invite children with any of their family members. Once you have decided who will be the guests, it is time to invite officially. You can send a WhatsApp message, but what makes your little one more excited is to deliver paper invitations, which the child can give to his friends.  

Since it is a character-themed birthday party, you will have to think and follow a theme (favorite cartoon characters, dinosaurs, or the theme that your child likes). Children love to receive a personalized birthday card with name, date, theme, and time. They will remember that day throughout the week.

2. Where to Celebrate a Children's Birthday Party

The place depends on the number of guests you have and the season to decide indoor or outdoor. You can choose to celebrate your child's party in your living room, garden or patio if you have, community premises or gardens, go to the countryside, and use a basement or private garage, and more. Rent the space, rent characters for a birthday partyand everything you need. To rent characters for a birthday party in San Antonio, visit TeaCupandTiara's official website. 

3. When to Have This Themed Birthday Party

You can do it during the week after school. Friday is a good day. Or the weekend, if everyone can. Whatever the chosen day, you must manage and consider the schedules. These are children, so the party should not start too late; in addition, dads and moms will also have to be available to take them or pick them up.

4. What Kind of Food to Put on a Children's Birthday

It is essential to ask if a guest has a food allergy, such as gluten or nuts so that you can remove these allergens from the menu. For example, they love French fries and all kinds of snacks. You can also make chocolate cream sandwiches, cheese spread, pate, etc. 

The birthday cake should be personalized as per the theme chosen. For drinks, you can make some juices or buy ready-made orange or lemon soda. Prepare themed goody bags to hand kids when they leave. You can hire Party characters for kids in San Marcos to brighten up the party. Kids love hanging around their favorite characters.

5. To Set the Table According to the Character Themed Birthday Party, You Must Choose

· Cups

· Plates (large or small)

· Napkins

· Tablecloth

6. How to Entertain Children on a Birthday

The children are interested in eating and drinking only for a while. The rest of the time they will want to play, and the best option is to give them a series of playful proposals as per the theme. If it is in a park, there are all kinds of rides and objects like a see-saw for entertainment. In case you do it in your own space, you can rent party characters, along with a clown or a magician. In case the theme involves some competition, you can arrange paper games and hand out small plastic trophies for the winners, but organize it in a way so that everyone ends up taking a trophy.

7. How to Decorate a Children's Birthday Party

The best is to place a wall decoration according to the theme of the party. It is cheap and covers a lot of space. Complement it with pennants, foil latex balloons (metallic ones) following the theme you have chosen. You can also get customized balloons printed according to the theme you have chosen. Buy spiral decorations, pom poms, fans, lanterns, stamps, or garlands to give color and a thematic transformation to the party.

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