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How To Decorate Your Tea Party With Balloons

Mar, 10 2020

How To Decorate Your Tea Party With Balloons

Decorating a tea party does not have to be a challenge. And, if it is, we accept the challenge! Here we go! Simple elements, such as cute and colorful balloons, can give a touch of color, bling, fun, or glamor to any tea party for girls. We propose five easy ways to decorate with balloons when you’re planning your party in San Antonio. You also have alternatives, fill your balloons with glitter and confetti or use them to make centerpieces, or create a beautiful princess themed garland with the balloons.

A Bright Touch

A simple idea when decorating a tea party is to adorn with balloons full of glitter. It is as simple as pouring a little glitter right in to the balloon. You can put as much as you want. The result is surprising.

Balloon Garland

Another alternative is to make a beautiful garland of balloons to place on and around your tea table. You can choose a single color or arrange a few colorful, glittery balloons for a princess effect. You can also add some transparent balloons. Another option is to make several garlands of balloons in different sizes and shapes and hang or scatter on the floor.


We propose an original idea to create a centerpiece. The alternative is to do it with balloons. We can use balloons of a smaller diameter to place on the table together as a bouquet. To this set, we can join other balloons, blown with helium and of a larger size, to give a sense of volume to tea party table décor.

Suspended Balloons

This tea party decoration ideas always manages to impress despite its simplicity. It would help if you blew our balloons with helium. You can tie all in one rope with messages written or printed on the balloon-like: “Welcome to Tina’s Tea party.” You can also add small pictures, with images of the honoree, friends, family, pets, etc. Girls will love it.

Balloons With Confetti

This tea party decoration ideas with a balloon is as festive as the tea party menu is to fill your balloons with colorful confetti. Buy transparent balloons and colored confetti. You will need a funnel to put the papers inside the balloon. Blow them all one by one and enjoy the result. At the end of the party, you can prick the balloons to create a confetti shower. Exciting, isn’t it?


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