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How to Throw an Awesome Mermaid Party Without a Pool

May, 09 2018

How to Throw an Awesome Mermaid Party Without a Pool

Everyone knows someone who loves mermaids. With the summer months upon us, it is our busy time of year for mermaid parties. Ariel is in high demand from May to September in Texas! At one recent mermaid party a parent commented that they would love to throw their own daughter a mermaid party but they did not have a pool or access to one. This was an opportunity, if ever I’ve seen one, to tell her sweetly that she does not need a pool to throw a great mermaid party- all she needed was a little imagination. So with that, here are some pointers for throwing your little one an awesome mermaid party without a pool.

Pools Are Not for Everyone

The thing about having a pool party is that many parents will automatically not allow their child to attend if their kid is not a strong swimmer. Can you really blame them? Taking your child swimming when you are supervising them yourself can be scary and stressful but allowing someone else to watch your child in a potentially dangerous situation is worse. Pool accidents happen and frequently happen when a child is supposed to be well supervised. I’m not saying this to scare you or make you think you should never host a party with a pool, but rather giving an honest insight into the other side of conversation which says its better not to risk it.

Splash It Up

Instead of a pool, if you have the space try setting up a splash pad. Take two or three small kiddie pools and place them a few feet away from each other, filling each of them about halfway full. Then place a sprinkler between them. You now have a functional splash pad. Pick pools that either have pictures of sea creatures on them or if plain, get pink, blue and green.

Decorate Like a Pro

Too many times I have seen people overdo their theme. Every item you decorate with does not need to have a mermaid on it. Instead try having related decorations. I strongly recommend checking out these Under the Sea Party Supplies on Amazon. Multiple vendors are eligible for Prime and are very cost effective. You can party in style without spending a small fortune!

Sleep Over Fun

If your little girl is dreaming of throwing her first sleep over I have a fun idea for that too! If your little one loves mermaids you have undoubtedly heard of Mermaid Tail Blankets; heck, you may even own one in every color of the rainbow by now. If you are feeling up to spending a little money, a fun party gift (instead of goodie bags) is to buy a Mermaid Tail Blanket for the sleepover attendees. Again, Amazon can hook you up with some great deals, getting them for as low as $10 each.

Fun and Easy Snacks

Of course, you are going to do a mermaid cake or cupcakes for your party- that’s a given. But what about the rest of the food? I can’t even begin to elaborate on all of the amazing pictures I found on Google. I searched Mermaid Party Snacks and found nothing but awesomeness. See for yourself! If you are looking for a fun bedtime treat for your mermaid slumber party, I recommend checking out this yummy recipe for Mermaid Ice Cream. Delish!

Don’t Forget the Mermaid 

The crown jewel, or should I say Pearl, of your mermaid party is a beautiful mermaid! Our Ariel sings like an angel-fish. ???? She will share a special story time with your little mermaids, sing for them, take pictures, and make your party one to remember!

Contact us today at (210) 862-5154 to book Ariel and make your mermaid party the best under the sea… and above it!  

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