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A Birthday Party Planning Timeline to help you Stay Organized

Dec, 11 2019

A Birthday Party Planning Timeline to help you Stay Organized

Planning a birthday party can become an overwhelming task, but not if you break the list down into small tasks.

Follow this super-sorted timeline many weeks before the party can make your event run smoothly.

6 to 8 weeks before the party

  • If you have plans for a themed birthday party, sit down with your child and pick a party theme. Begin brainstorming about how you would incorporate the theme into many other requisites of the party like decorations, cake, favors, and other activities.
  • Confirm the date.
  • Make reservations if you are to book entertainment or a venue or entertainment.
  • Plan invitations and purchase the supplies needed if you are going the homemade cards way.
  • Fix a budget.
  • Wind up a guest list.
  • Begin shopping for clothes and gifts for the birthday kid.

3 to 5 weeks before the party

  • Buy stock invitations from a retail store in case you hadn’t gone the homemade cards way.
  • Put them together, write, and send out those invitations. Be sure to include the party’s theme, start and end time, your phone number, and directions to the party location.
  • If the child is a toddler or still naps, set the party time accordingly because you wouldn’t want a sleepy-baby birthday party. Toddlers, for instance, often nap between 1 and 3 p.m., so have a party for that age group either in the late afternoon or in the morning.
  • Shop for party decorations and other supplies, such as balloons, badges, and items needed to make the favors. Getting done with the shopping early gives you the time to order items online, which you couldn’t find in stores nearby.

2 weeks before the party

  • Decide on a menu.
  • Order the cake.
  • Get started with the birthday party planning more aggressively.
  • Plan what types of activities or entertainments will be part of the theme, then make or buy all those necessary supplies.

3 to 7 days before the party

  • Call to confirm any friends and family who haven’t RSVP’d.
  • Write up a rough agenda for the party day.
  • Confirm the venue and entertainer, if applicable.

2 days before the party

  • Do prep work on menu items that won’t stale. Go for groceries.
  • Wrap up gifts.
  • If you are serving pizza of anything similar, place the order.
  • Arrange to have a pet sitter if you can or else any neighbor or friend who can watch pets during the party.
  • Buy any last-minute party supplies, such as plates, cups, napkins, dinnerware, matches, toothpicks, or candles.

Lastly, 1 day before the party

  • On the last day of birthday party planning, clean the party area (for indoor/home party).
  • Charge camera and batteries.
  • Rent any movies that you will be showing at the party.
  • Arrange decorations, such as hanging banners and streamers.
  • Finalize the cake or confirm the order with your bakery.

On party day, free yourself from all the hassle and management. Be happy, have fun with your child, and don’t waste the day by stressing over after-party clean-drive because we will soon write a post on that too! ;)

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