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8 Ways to Arrange a Great Birthday Party for Your Child When Money Is Tight

Jul, 15 2019

8 Ways to Arrange a Great Birthday Party for Your Child When Money Is Tight

Throw a birthday party to be remembered with these smart cost-cutting ideas. Happy birthday, indeed.

Want to throw an awesome birthday party for your child while having on a tight budget? Don’t worry, we've got you covered! Below mentioned are some of our best tips for sticking to a budget at your next bash.


Before you finalize the specifics of a birthday party, like who to invite or what to serve, you'll have to pick a location for the birthday party. If you're facing a tight budget, you'll need to find a venue that is either free or very low in cost. If you're throwing a relatively small birthday party, you can host it at your backyard or in your home. If the party is too big for your garden or home, try booking a picnic spot in your local park.


Irrespective of where you choose to have a birthday party, you'll need to decorate the venue. This will help customize the accommodation, ideally to make it exclusive to your child's interests and hobbies. Instead of paying a professional decorator, you can buy and display your very own decorations at a comparatively low cost.

Rather than tablecloths, you can purchase drape big sheets and cheap roll of plain white paper over the tabletops. Then leave crayons out for the children to draw and doodle on the white paper. It won't cost you so much, and it will add a fun element of creativity to the birthday party.

Balloons are low-priced, even if you purchase them with helium from the store. Decorate the tables with low-cost party favors. You can similarly leave a small box of individually-wrapped candies at the center of the table or put out a small basket of freshly-picked fruits for guests to take home.

If your kid wants a themed birthday party, you can make things simple by purchasing napkins and plates with that theme's design printed on them. You can similarly cut costs by buying napkins and balloons that are the color of your birthday theme - for instance, teal blue for a frozen party, or red and blue for a Spiderman party.


Another best approach to cut costs for the birthday party is by designing and making your own invitations. You can make use of recycled paper on hand, or for even more significant savings per project, try sending out an electronic invitation to your guests. You can find free samples and templates of birthday invitations online. Search for "birthday party invitations" to see samples of the birthday party invitation.


If you're working hard to arrange a birthday party on a budget, the reality of the situation is that you may have to invite fewer guests. Each additional kid who's invited will need extra food and drinks, and any birthday party favors or gifts for activities you have planned. In case you're stressed about hurt feelings from your kid's peers, consider inviting only classmates and friends, rather than leaving the birthday invitation open to siblings or other mutual friends.

For infants, it's better to stick to family members or close friends. No 2 year old is going to remember how many guests were at a birthday party, and the smaller, more intimate setting will make it look like a family get-together.

If the kid is in preschool, the best method for the number of other children to invite is the child's age plus one. Thus, for instance, if your kid is 3-4 years old, invite 4-5 other kids from preschool.

For elder kids, it's more a concern of how many classmates your kid is actually friends with, and how many guests you can practically accommodate (in terms of cost and space). But if you do invite several classmates of your child, you'll need to avoid sending invitations to all but 1-2 kids, as this will separate the uninvited kids and may cause stress.


In case your child's birthday comes around the same time as one of your other child's birthdays, think about combining the two birthday parties into one bigger birthday party. You'll then be capable of splitting the cost of the birthday party with the other parent or at least combine the costs instead of having two birthday parties (for siblings).

Look around among your friends' parents to discover when their children's birthdays came. You can offer the idea of combining birthday parties informally. Just ensure the other parent isn't organizing anything too extravagant that would break your spending plan.


Instead of paying a lot of money to the caterers, try preparing your own food. Baking your own birthday cake will save quite a bit of time and money right off the bat, and you can give simple party snacks like pretzels, chips and dip, and deli plates or small sandwiches.

In case you don't feel up to preparing all the food on your own, consider asking for assistance from your close friends or family members if they'd be happy to help make a dish or two for the birthday party. It may be better to not asking the parents of your guests; though, as you don't need them to feel, they must bring something with them in order to attend the party. You can similarly opt for something comparatively low-cost, like wings and a sheet pizza.

For juice and soda, go with off-brand or generic beverages. Children won't taste the difference between off-brand soda and brand-name soda, and it will save you somewhat a bit on supply expenses.


Rather than employing a birthday party entertainer by the hour, you can learn some magic tricks or balloon shapes online and offer your own entertainment. In case you wish to encourage an outdoor visit (weather permitting), you may need to look into having the birthday party at a neighboring park, or arranging a nature walk after everyone's had to cake. Find out parks and guided nature walks online to search a wilderness area near you.


You can arrange a board game competition, or have the children play traditional birthday party games that are simple to organize on a tight budget. Some good examples include musical chairs and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. You can similarly organize a game of Simon Says and a bean bag toss.

One more easy and cheap game is creating an obstacle course in the patio. You can make use of materials you already have, or select low-cost obstacles like jump ropes or hula-hoops. Just make sure that everything you utilize in the obstacle course is harmless and will not cause any potential damages. You can similarly organize easy-to-play games for kids like capture the flag or kickball. These party games are fun and will cost virtually nothing to purchase supplies for.

If you’re planning a celebration around a fun activity in your home, such as a movie or treasure hunt, make sure to have something else all set to go. Grade-schoolers' attention durations typically won't last through a ninety-minute movie.

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