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7 Ideas To Organize Tea Parties For Children

Mar, 10 2020

7 Ideas To Organize Tea Parties For Children

Organizing a tea party for children is an event that you must prepare well in advance. If you wish to bring together a truly magical children’s tea party followed by a theme; we recommend you make it thematic by choosing a princess party theme for little girls and/or boys. We have some great ideas to throw an unforgettable princess party!

Don’t Miss the Details

To create a perfect tea party for children, the first thing on the list is where to buy the children tea party suppliesHow many guests will there be? Know the keys to children's parties so that success is assured. And above all, make sure once you have decided on the theme and your décor; you have to research children’s princess party food ideas.

The Guests

The number of guests invited to the party will depend on the age of the child, the space you have available and whether your child goes to school or not and the family members you want to invite. First of all, remember that the party is for your enjoyment, not for your commitments. Let the little one choose whom to send invitations to. Tea parties are best enjoyed when you can limit your guests not to exceed 12 little ones otherwise it will be hard to control the activities.

The Invitations

Although you can buy printed invitations and just fill them with your data, it is a good idea to involve your child and ask her/him to prepare the cards for tea party themselves. Buy colored cards or stock paper. Print photos of the princess theme that you are passionate about, such as Disney princesses. Fold the card in half and paste one of those photos on the cover. Decorate the space that is free with drawings made with colored markers. Do not forget to put the message "I invite you to my tea party!”. 

Fill all the information inside the card: venue, date, time, address and your phone number and email address in case the parents of the other children want to contact you. 

TIP: Ask the parents to let you know if the child has a food allergy.

Children’s Princess Party Food Ideas

Plan a tea party menu suitable for children. You can find ideas for your tea party snacks on the internet with fun serving platters. Ask little girls to lend you a hand with the sandwiches and snacks!

Where Do We Celebrate It?

Until she turns 4, it is best to prepare children’s tea parties at home. Children will be more comfortable in their own space and more likely to participate. If you prefer to celebrate it outdoors; choose leisure parks, zoos, aquariums, farms, schools and play centers. These are highly recommended options. They are safe places and designed for the little ones, which will give the tea party a special touch.

The Piñata

A piñata is indispensable in any children's party. Do you want to make your piñata? Fill it with goodies, gifts, masks, whistles and small toys, play dough, stationery and more.

The Games

There is no tea party without dancing. Forget about improvising on the go. You'll have to be the cheerleader to get the kids up and running. Make a playlist of princess and fun songs! The kids will enjoy freeze dance and other dancing games! Prepare and have everything you need including prizes for everyone. For more ideas check out children's tea parties on the internet.

If you want your children’s tea party to be a success, take your time and organize it weeks in advance. And there is much to choose from and much to decide.

  • First, the theme of the party will have to be agreed on. So we want the children to wear costumes or not.
  • The guest list will need your daughters input so that invitations can be made and sent out.  
  • Make a song list and search for games suitable for children's tea parties.
  • Thinking about the right menu with snacks and drinks is another critical issue, and if the cake is homemade, much better. 
  • Make an effort to turn the house into a cozy place for our little guests. To do this, you must think of a princess theme and decorate with lots of bling and colors.
  • After the tea party wraps, give small gifts or goody bags to your guests as a souvenir of an unforgettable afternoon at their friend's house.

If you decide to celebrate it at home, you can hire the services of party characters in San Antonio.

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