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4 Affordable Wedding Decoration Ideas

Mar, 10 2020

4 Affordable Wedding Decoration Ideas

A wedding is a very special union. It is a day and an event to cherish, to remember, it is a day in which you experience special emotion, many feelings, happiness, and what not! And, it is a day in which everything adds up; every detail in the wedding decoration is essential.

Decorating A Wedding Is More Than A Tradition!

With the wedding comes many traditions. Let’s start with an affordable wedding decoration that includes choosing: the venue, the dress, the party, and the style or theme to buy affordable wedding supplies accordingly. 

Moreover, if we think of "wedding decoration" right now, the first thing that comes to mind is the theme.  What theme will you decorate your wedding with? Focus on a type of wedding decoration: Boho, bling, vintage, country, or rustic are the latest trend.

We Recommend 4 Affordable Wedding Decoration Ideas:

Create a Special Environment

Whether it is an outdoor or indoor venue, we recommend that you use wedding ornaments with glamor, style, and exclusivity, as the occasion deserves it.

  • Keep in mind that at a wedding to creating floral arrangements such as the combination of flowers, baskets, and candles that stand out. You can also decorate with some unique banners made of sackcloth that have wedding quotes, romantic messages, phrases, etc.
  • Count on every detail such as the color of the tablecloth, the draping of the tent, the chandeliers and the lanterns, rosettes, and the candles. Keep them synchronized as well as following the theme to give a chic touch.
  • Also, there are currently glass baubles decorated with a candle inside, and that creates a kind of garland. Add the flowers that can give a very romantic air.

Create Differentiated Spaces

Another of the current trends in weddings is to create different areas. For example, a space dedicated exclusively to the wedding photo call, another space to the sweet table or candy bar, another living space. And if you have an arrangement around the living room, you can hang elegant curtains and even chandeliers that will leave your guests amazed. You cannot miss ornaments such as blackboards, posters, photo calls, letters, hearts, and various wedding props.

Use Different Wedding Ornaments

Don’t be monotonous with the wedding themes and colors. Undoubtedly this year, the vintage and boho-chic style is fashionable, although the rustic and country style does not go out of style. We recommend that you use different decorative accessories such as pom poms, bling, blackboards, glass boats, centerpieces, balloons, etc. All the elements separately might look basic and simple, but combined with other elements can make them look chic.

  • Put mini blackboards on the table. 
  • Combining XXL balloons with smaller ones can be ideal.
  • The pom-poms can give a very dynamic air in a photo call, in a candy bar, and even around a table. 
  • Create a warm environment with candles and lighting. 

Present the Food in a Traditional Way

Apart from making a candy bar or a special place to place certain foods, take care of that presentation. We encourage you to use different types of accessories and containers to place drinks and food (glass jars for some sweets, large glass jars for some salad or fruit mix, and a sackcloth bag with a stick to serve some snacks, for example).

If you are looking for wedding decorations in San Antonio, check our affordable wedding decorations portfolio on the website. Hire wedding decoration services today.


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