Teacups & Tiaras


Is there anything quite so enchanting as the smile on your child’s face? We believe that the answer is There’s not, which is why we have committed ourselves to doing everything we can to bring joy and magic to children’s parties. At Teacups & Tiaras, we are a team of professionals who work hard to breathe a little extra life in every event we attend.


Too often, we put so much pressure on kids that we forget just what childhood is about. It’s not about the grades, and it’s not about the activities. Childhood is about the wonder of experience and the thrill of imagination. We get that. Teacups & Tiaras is about the characters you know and love: spending time with them, seeing them up close, inviting them into your life, and making memories that will last forever.


We pay close attention to details in order to bring realism to all our characters. This is your party, and it needs to be perfect. We want you to enjoy yourself just as much as your child enjoys herself or himself, and we will keep the fun flowing for everyone at your party! Offering party packages and customization options, we can figure out services that meet your needs exactly. Every party is unique, and we respect that. Coming to you, Teacups & Tiaras is the convenient, affordable, top-quality entertainment option you need to make sure people are talking about your party for years to come.


Book your party today! Princes, Princesses, Superheroes and Santa – we serve (and supply!) every one of them.

Our Founder

Christina Rosendahl

Serving as a party planner and event organizer for more than 25 years, Christina understands what it takes to turn a good party into a fantastic one. She has worked both as an entrepreneur and as a corporate professional, and she understands the importance of details to effective organization.


Above all else, Christina wants to see people smiling. She thrives on the grins and thrills that that she helps to create through Teacups & Tiaras. Sharing magic one party at a time, she has built her reputation on efficient, affordable party entertainment for children. She lives her passion every day, taking part in events that guests don’t want to end!


Christina is a beloved mother, grandmother and wife, and her favorite pastime is hanging around with her husband and her three grand-children.

Teacups & Tiaras